Do you provide training?

Do you provide training?

EASYSKETCH will be supported by a growing library of video tutorials. These are free of charge for subscribing customers and cover technical aspects of EASYSKETCH and its host program SketchUp. If you would like bespoke training we could arrange to record a video tutorial covering your chosen topic.
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    • Do you provide an installation service?

      At this moment we cannot provide an installation service. Installing SketchUp extensions is a simple task and we have a video covering the installation of our extension on our 'Tutorials' page.
    • What catalogues come with EASYSKETCH?

      We provide a generic UK cabinet catalogue with lay-on doors. The catalogue is metric and not US imperial.
    • How often will the software be updated?

      EASYSKETCH is updated on a regular basis to ensure compatibility with the latest releases of SketchUp. We aim to add useful content such as handles, doors, worktops and other industry specific content to our easy-to-use interface. Our website will ...