How often will the software be updated?

How often will the software be updated?

EASYSKETCH is updated on a regular basis to ensure compatibility with the latest releases of SketchUp. We aim to add useful content such as handles, doors, worktops and other industry specific content to our easy-to-use interface. Our website will provide a selection of pre-built furniture groups like islands and other common unit configurations.

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    • EASYSKETCH will not work?

      It's likely your credit card has expired or there is an issue with the processing of your monthly payment. Please login to your account home page and ensure that your credit card information is up-to-date.
    • Do I need to be connected to the internet to run EasySketch?

      EASYSKETCH will verify your subscription status when connected to the internet but it is not required to run the software.
    • Do I need any other software to run EasySketch?

      EASYSKETCH requires a copy of Trimble SketchUp version 2013 upwards to be installed on your desktop computer. Choose either SketchUp 'Make' or the SketchUp 'Professional'. If you are a design professional we would recommend you use the 'Professional' ...
    • My credit card has expired how do I update my details.

      Login in to your account and update your credit card details. We will automatically processes your credit card for any uncollected payments.
    • Can I get a copy of an Invoice?

      You will be emailed an invoice automatically each month once your credit card has been successfully charged. You can obtain copies of past invoices from your account area by logging in to your account check your email for the link to your account ...