What can I plan with EasySketch?

What can I plan with EasySketch?

EASYSKETCH was designed specifically to cater to the UK kitchen industry. Due to a similar specification Australian kitchen and interior design professionals will also find EASYSKETCH useful.

EASYSKETCH allows the rapid creation of professional looking kitchen concepts. The easy-to-use interface gives convenient access to a library of over 500 kitchen cabinets.

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    • What is EasySketch?

      EASYSKETCH is a SketchUp extension that enables interior design professionals to quickly create and present professional looking kitchen designs using SketchUp.
    • Does EasySketch run on the Mac

       EASYSKETCH works with Apple Macs running Trimble SketchUp
    • Does EasySketch run on an iPad?

      EASYSKETCH is an extension for Trimble SketchUp and designed to run on desktop PC's and Macintosh machines.
    • Can EasySketch produce quotations and cut-lists

      EASYSKETCH does not produce quotations or cut-lists it is designed primarily as a low cost planning tool.
    • Do I need any other software to run EasySketch?

      EASYSKETCH requires a copy of Trimble SketchUp version 2013 upwards to be installed on your desktop computer. Choose either SketchUp 'Make' or the SketchUp 'Professional'. If you are a design professional we would recommend you use the 'Professional' ...